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With Root Canal, Irving Residents can Smile Again

March 19, 2016

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root canalNo doubt you’ve probably heard someone jokingly say, “Ugh, I’d rather have a root canal,” when faced with something they really don’t want to do. Well, the dentists at 21st Century Dental & Sleep Center in Irving, TX, are here to tell you that if you have a tooth with nerve damage, then a root canal is the best thing you can do to save the tooth and avoid extraction.


Professional Teeth Whitening Irving, TX Residents Prefer – 21st Century Dental

September 16, 2015

woman smiling with brilliantly white teeth thanks to teeth whitening irving trustsMany patients who are happy with their dental health, still find themselves unhappy with their smiles because the time they’ve spent maintaining their oral health hasn’t prevented tooth discoloration. Even those with the most thorough flossing and brushing routines fall victim to teeth staining, yellowing, and darkening. The good news is, there’s a simple solution for many patients who are unhappy with the color of their smile: the professional, take-home teeth whitening Irving, TX residents prefer from the cosmetic dentistry experts, 21st Century Dental Med Spa & Sleep Center. Call to schedule an appointment with our skilled DFW Metroplex dentistry team.

The General Dentist Irving, TX Trusts to Provide Superior Crown & Bridge Replacement

September 1, 2015

happy woman recieve crown & bridge treatment from the general dentist Irving, TX trustsFor patients missing one or more teeth, the worst dental health consequences may not be obvious right away. Some people choose to live with the mild embarrassment of having a missing tooth due to expense or to avoid discomfort, but the most detrimental effects of missing teeth are the unseen consequences taking place below the gum line. Teeth support the health of gum tissue, and stimulate bone density preservation and development. When teeth are missing, soft tissue and bone deteriorate over time. As this deterioration occurs, surrounding teeth shift to fill in spaces leaving the entire smile compromised by one missing tooth. As jawbone density decreases, this prevents the future option of ever getting an implant due to inadequate bone support.   Shifting occlusion due to missing teeth can lead to TMJ disorder, especially in patients who clench or grind the teeth. Cosmetically, multiple missing teeth cause facial sagging or caving in, and leave unsightly gaps in smiles. Whether you’re missing one tooth or a full arch, the experts at 21st Century Dental recommend replacing your teeth to maintain oral health. Call to schedule a smile consultation at our convenient Irving, TX dental practice today.

Root Canals Are There To Help, Not Hurt

August 5, 2015

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A root canal can leave the pain out of your mouth.We know what you’re thinking, “If I have to have a root canal treatment, make sure I’m knocked-out cold before the procedure.” While there are numbing agents that we offer to keep the procedure as comfortable as possible, there’s no getting away from needing a root canal, especially if there’s a cavity that has imbedded itself so deep that it’s destroyed the tooth from the inside out. There’s always the alternative – you could forgo treatment altogether. This is a very, very, very bad idea. Electing not to receive treatment for an infection is just plain dumb. Infections can spread throughout your mouth and can even be fatal. We like you. We want you to be around for a long time, and one way to do that is by getting a root canal. Our Irving, TX office houses one of the best dental teams in the DFW area, not to mention experienced and friendly dentists. Root canal therapy shouldn’t be thought of as a frightening procedure, but one that’s meant to rid your mouth of infections that could take a turn for the worse. It’s time to dispel the fear of the root canal, Irving. It’s the best endodontic therapy Irving residents can choose.