Snap-On Smiles for Irving & Las Colinas

Dr. Smith-
I seriously believe that God gives certain talents and abilities to people. Some people use those abilities in selfish ways. Then, there are others who use their abilities for the main purpose of helping to change other peoples' lives in good ways. That is -you-. I cannot thank you enough, for your listening, for your input, and finally for being behind a perfect product. I am 100% pleased, satisfied, and ecstatic.

I cannot thank you enough for all of your kindness, and for going above and beyond the call of your job. You took time and extra steps to ease my mind when worried, and to keep tabs on the status of my appliance. I will never forget all of the extra care you put into making my experience with you all nothing but happy.

Thank you so much for making sure I had enough water to drink during those impressions, and for preparing me for each step in getting fitted for my Snap On Smile. You are a very gentle-spirited person, and I hope every patient that you deal with realizes just how nice you are.

To you all-
I PROMISE that the next time I am with you all for any dental work, I will be relaxed and at ease. The only reason I seemed over-anxious with this was because of what my mouth looked like before getting it fixed. I also just couldn't believe that this would look as good as it does. Some things just sound too good to be true, but obviously, not the case here.

I'm only sad about one aspect of my whole experience, and that is the fact that, for now, the experience is over. You all are like these kind neighbors that someone should get to see every day. I wish I had you all as neighbors, or co-workers or something. But, don't worry, I'll be back, as I said, for cleanings and the like. Until then, I seriously will miss you all.

God bless you all.  WB

Are You a Good Candidate for a Snap-On-Smile?

If you are looking for a cosmetic alternative to porcelain veneers, or if you want a trial run to see what a new smile would do to your appearance, this might be an affordable solution. However, everyone is not a candidate. If you would like a consultation to see if this procedure would work for you, contact our office at for an appointment.

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