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Wisdom Teeth Removals

Extractions Performed In-House

X-rays of smile

At 21st Century Dental of Irving, we always plan your dental care with your long-term oral health in mind. A great example is wisdom tooth extractions in Irving, which only have to be done once, but help you maintain a healthy smile for life. Our team of practitioners includes a dentist who has the experience and advanced training to handle the cases with ease and make the procedure comfortable from start to finish. If you have wisdom teeth and would like to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Why Choose 21st Century Dental of Irving for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

  • Oral Surgeon Available In-Office
  • Effective Sedation Techniques Available
  • Maximized Comfort & Relaxation

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Man holding cheek in pain

“Wisdom teeth” are simply the last set of permanent molars that come in. The first set erupts about age 6, the second set around age 12, and the third set (the wisdom teeth) usually appear in the late teens to early twenties. This is the age when people have a little more life experience and can (presumably) be considered wiser than they were in childhood.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?

Model smile and x-ray of tooth prior to extraction

Long ago, people had larger jaws and needed an extra set of molars to chew tough and fibrous foods. Now, with a softer diet and modern oral hygiene practices, we simply don’t need our wisdom teeth anymore. Not to mention that our jaws have become smaller, so most of us don’t have enough room for them. This leads to impaction (where they come in sideways or at an angle) or poor oral hygiene since these teeth are too far back to reach with a toothbrush and floss.

That’s why, even if your wisdom teeth aren’t causing problems now, there’s a good chance they will later on. Having them taken out is a great way to prevent serious problems down the road such as:

  • Crowding or alignment issues
  • Cysts or infections in the jawbone
  • Sinus problems
  • Damage to other teeth
  • Severely inflamed, painful gums

How Are Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Image of an impacted wisdom tooth

First and most importantly, we work closely with an anesthesiologist to make sure we achieve 100% pain control and relaxation. We have four people in the room for every procedure: the anesthesiologist, the surgical doctor, and both a dental and anesthesia assistant. 

After you are IV sedated but still breathing on your own, you will then also be numbed so there is no chance of experiencing any pain. Now for the teeth - this depends on how the wisdom teeth have come in. If they’ve come in straight and can be fully seen above the gumline, the procedure is more straightforward. In these cases, we can simply use special tools to loosen and remove the teeth without the need to make any incisions. In some people, however, the wisdom teeth are impacted or haven’t fully come through the gums. These cases require a surgical extraction in which we’ll make incisions in the gums to access and remove the teeth.

After our doctor has evaluated your needs during a consultation, we’ll be able to tell you more about what you can expect. We’ll also answer any questions you have and discuss our wide range of sedation options to make sure the procedure is comfortable.

What Is the Recovery Process Like?

Woman touching her cheek in pain.

Our team at 21st Century Dental of Irving will take great care of you from beginning to end, which includes making sure you recover well. We’ll go over your aftercare instructions in detail at your procedure, but here are the basics:

  • Arrange for a friend or family member to bring you to and from your appointment and take several days off work or school to fully rest and recover.
  • Before your procedure, we’ll discuss your options for pain medication. Be sure to take it as directed and call us right away if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Keep clean gauze over the extraction sites to absorb any bleeding, and change them out as necessary for the first couple of days.
  • Eat soft foods for 3-4 days and chew on the opposite side of your mouth.
  • Avoiding hot or carbonated beverages and don’t smoke, spit, or use a straw while the area is healing.
  • Keeping your teeth and gums clean will help you heal properly, but do so very carefully. We’ll review the best oral hygiene practices at your visit.

How can wisdom teeth help in the future?

DNA strand

Did you know that your wisdom teeth—and all your teeth for that matter—contain cells that can help your body heal? Adult stem cells are a great resource that improve the odds of successful treatment for many serious medication conditions. When we remove wisdom teeth, the stem cells can be stored and preserved for later. Then, if necessary, they can be used in treatments that are basically guaranteed not to be rejected by your body because these cells are an exact match for you. Stem cell banking is just another way our experts at 21st Century Dental of Irving are showing our dedication to your well-being!

Learn More About Stem Cell Banking

Wisdom Tooth Extractions FAQs

Dental forceps holding an extracted tooth next to dental tools

Does Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth?

Most people have all four wisdom teeth. (These chompers usually emerge between the ages of 17 to 21.) However, there are those missing at least one. Yet others don’t have any at all.

Current research supports these conclusions. In 2015, a study published by the Dental Research Journal made a rough estimate: 5-37% of all people lack one or more wisdom teeth. As for the reason, scholars remain uncertain. Genetics may play a role, as a parent without wisdom teeth may have a child missing them as well.

Of course, your wisdom teeth may not be visible. (Perhaps they just haven’t erupted.) So, a dental X-ray is the best way to confirm how many you have.

How Do You Make Wisdom Teeth Pain Go Away?

The only lasting cure for aching wisdom teeth is to have them pulled. Still, there are home remedies you can try in the meantime. These include:

  • A Cold Compress – Wrap a towel around an ice pack and apply it to the outside of your cheek for no more than 20 minutes at a time.
  • Medication – Take over-the-counter pain relievers as directed on the label. (Don’t apply aspirin to the aching area, though; it’ll worsen your pain.)
  • Numbing Gel – Use an oral numbing gel that contains benzocaine. In reality, the latter ingredient soothes gums irritated by impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Saltwater Rinse – Rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution (one or two teaspoons of salt dissolved in an eight-ounce glass of water). Swish it for about one minute.

How Long Does Wisdom Tooth Surgery Take?

It usually takes a dentist 20 minutes to extract a wisdom tooth. Therefore, removing all four may require up to 90 minutes. That said, the exact timing varies by patient. It’ll depend on factors like the tooth’s location, position, whether it’s impacted, etc. (Our dentists can give you an estimate at your consultation.)

Whatever the procedure’s exact timeline, rest assured that it won’t feel long. You’ll likely be sedated for the entire treatment. As such, you’ll barely notice any time has passed once it’s done.

Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed Before Braces?

Wisdom teeth don’t have to be removed before braces. However, your dentist or orthodontist may suggest the option. There are benefits to pulling these chompers ahead of time.

You see, wisdom teeth can disrupt alignment work. By pushing against your other pearly whites, they could extend or ruin your braces treatment. Yet later, they could misalign your grin even if you wear a retainer every night.

In contrast, pulling the wisdom teeth first makes things simpler. It gives your orthodontist a “ clean slate” to work with, leading to more permanent braces results. If you’ve already had braces before the wisdom teeth emerge, though, you can compensate. Just get the chompers removed as soon as possible to preserve your results.