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IV Sedation

Ultimate Patient Comfort in the Office

Relaxing patient receiving dental care If you hate the noises, smells, and tastes associated with dental care and offices and you can’t block them out (even in an office with as many comfortable distractions as ours, such as candles and fresh baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies), then you may want to experience “twilight sleep” while we do the work.

Recent research has indicated that the number one reason adults postpone needed dental care was fear! That's right – not time or money, but fear! Unfortunately, dental decay and periodontal disease won’t make exceptions, so contact 21st Century Dental of Irving to learn more. We work closely with an excellent anesthesiologist with 20+ years of professional experience. He makes sure that you have a pleasant experience!

Why Choose 21st Century Dental of Irving for IV Sedation?

  • Truly Fear-Free & Pain-Free Dentistry
  • In-Office Anesthesiologist
  • Faster, More Efficient Dental Treatment

If you fit any of the following characteristics:

Smiling woman in dental chair
  • Fear of dental treatment
  • History of traumatic dental experiences
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • Very sensitive gag reflex or difficulty opening
  • Extremely sensitive teeth
  • Limited time to get your dental care completed
  • Complex dental problems; or a need for surgery
  • Above average disdain for “getting numb”
  • Embarrassment about your teeth
  • In denial of a dental problem until the pain is unbearable
  • Have not received professional dental care in many years, perhaps decades
  • Go from dentist to dentist, or doctors, to renew painkiller prescriptions for dental problems
  • Often make and then cancel dental appointments
  • Make numerous, lengthy phone calls to the dentist's office
  • Experience sweaty palms or find yourself gripping the armrests

…then yes, you are a candidate for IV sedation!

How IV Sedation Works

Woman in dental chair with eyes closed

With safe and proven techniques, patients receive sedative drugs which work rapidly to create a relaxed state that is maintained and monitored throughout treatment. Beyond creating an optimal environment for you, the patient, dentistry with IV Sedation also allows us to complete multiple procedures in one appointment.

An IV is started by the anesthesiologist allowing all medications for relaxation to enter your body. You will not remember or be aware of any procedures or especially “getting numb.” You breathe on your own. This is not like the hospital anesthesia where a machine breathes for you.

Here are the Facts about IV Sedation:

Woman with eyes closed receiving dental care

It really works! You really can relax through your dental appointment.

  • You will have little or no memory of the experience.
  • You won't remember any sounds or smells.
  • You can relax for up to five to six hours after the IV sedation (or the anti-anxiety pill, if you choose). The time you are relaxing will vary depending on your needed treatment and type of anesthesia delivered.
  • Complex dental treatments that often require multiple appointments can often be done in as little as one or two, all while you relax!
  • People who have difficulty getting numb will have no problem when relaxed.
  • Sedation dentistry is a safe way to reduce the fatigue of extended dental treatments requiring long visits.

Well, what do you think?

IV Sedation FAQs

Will I feel any pain?

You will feel almost nothing! We even numb the back of your hand prior to starting the IV.

How long will I be relaxing?

Depending on your needs, from two to six hours. You will rest for 3-4 hours when you get home also, most likely.

Will someone need to accompany me?

Yes, due to the sedative effects of the medication, you will need someone to drive you to our office and home again.

Will I be monitored?

Yes, one of our team members is always with you and your vital signs are constantly monitored during the entire visit. You are never alone.

Is IV Sedation safe?

In our office, the dentist anesthesiologist is ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certified, and all of our doctors and the assisting staff are basic life support certified. Dr. Roy also has past IV sedation experience and ACLS certification, so you won’t have to worry about who is around you while you are relaxing.