Toothprints for Irving & Las Colinas Families

Kerr Corporation, a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of premier restorative materials for the dental profession, has launched a dental identification system for children called Toothprints.® Toothprints offers parents an inexpensive and reliable means of identification in the case that their children become abducted or missing.

What are Toothprints?

Developed by a pediatric dentist, Toothprints is a thermoplastic wafer that dental professionals can use to record children's individual tooth characteristics, tooth position within the arch and the upper to lower jaw relationship – all important information for identification. Like fingerprints, dental imprints are unique to every person so bite impressions serve an accurate method of identification. Dental restorations and X-rays have historically been the primary basis for dental identification, but the successful fight against tooth decay has left many children with no cavities and, thus, no dental records. A Toothprints impression also captures saliva, which is a powerful source of human scent, thus making Toothprints effective for scent-dog tracking. Parents keep the Toothprints record themselves for confidentiality and quick access.

According to Peter Banks, Director of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, when Toothprints is taken, sufficient proteins in the saliva remain on the wafer from which a DNA test can be successfully performed for yet a second means of identification from Toothprints. David Harte, DMD and Director of the Massachusetts Masonic Child Identification Program, reports, "Law enforcement officials rarely have ID materials available for teenagers, yet teens are the most likely to become lost, missing or abducted. Toothprints offers a very powerful recovery and identification component of any child's identification kit." Dr. Harte was named Massachusetts Dentist of the Year for 2002 and received the 2002 special achievement award from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Kerr Corporation distributes Toothprints through an established dealer network. It also makes available a handsome display and patient brochure. The patient brochure covers important child safety information and what to do in case a child is missing.

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