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SPECIAL NEED Company Name of Toothpaste BENEFITS
GENERAL Crest ® Pro Health Stannous fluoride protects against cavities, gingivitis and sensitivity
  Colgate ® Total  Helps prevent cavities, gingivitis, and plaque
Decay Prevention MASSCO ® Dental NeutraMaxx 5000 ** Prescription strength dose of sodium fluoride sweetened with xylitol
  Colgate ® Prevident ** Prescription strength dose of sodium fluoride
  Dentsply Nupro (RX only) Prescription strength dose of sodium fluoride that also aids in sensitivity
Halitosis Dental Herb Company ® Tooth and Gum Paste ** All natural formula that fights bad breath and aids in prevention of gingivitis
  Aquafresh ® Iso-active This unique foaming action penetrates between teeth
Sensitivity/Strengthening Sensodyne ® Pronamel (also available for children) Hardens enamel and protects against the effects of acid wear
  Dentsply Nupro (RX only) ** Remineralizes enamel and gives a prescription strength dose of fluoride
  GC MI Paste Strengthens and remineralizes teeth to minimize sensitivity and protect against cavities
  Aquafresh ® Advance strengthens from the inside and locks in vital minerals
  Colgate ® Enamel Protect Builds increasing protection against sensitivity for fast relief
Children (Non Fluoride) Orajel ® Baby Orajel Non-foaming, non-abrasive, fluoride-free,& safe to swallow
  Orajel ® Toddler Training Paste Fluoride-free and safe to swallow and contains a patented ingredient to clean toddler’s teeth
  Tom's of Maine Children's Formula
Dry Mouth Biotene Biotene Reduces bacteria and gum irritations due to dry mouth
  Orajel ® Dry Mouth Toothpaste Contains maximum strength fluoride for extra cavity protection, and a patented Thione antioxidant complex to help maintain a healthy mouth
Veneer Care Oxyfresh ® O Toothpaste Fights cavities, freshens breath and has low abrasion for concentrated care for persons with dental cosmetic procedures.

** These products are only available for purchase at our office or with a written prescription.