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Caring for Your Dentures in Irving

April 8, 2016

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dentures in IrvingDentures are among the most affordable options to replace missing teeth. With properly fitting dentures, you’ll have enhanced comfort to increase your oral function while boosting your confidence. When you receive dentures in Irving, you’ll have the complete smile you need to enjoy everyday things, like eating and speaking. However, you do need to care for your dentures properly to ensure they not only continue to look great, but also last for as long as possible. Our restorative dentistry practice in Irving has everything you need to know about properly caring for your dentures.

Caring for your Dentures in Irving

Caring for your dentures does require a little extra care than when caring for your natural teeth. However, by taking the time to properly clean and maintain your dentures, you’ll help promote the longevity of the prosthetics, as well as prevent certain oral health complications.

While cleaning your dentures, you need to take extra care when handling them. While dentures are durable, you need to handle them gently to avoid dropping them. We recommend placing a towel on the counter and sink to provide extra cushion should they accidently fall.

As with your natural teeth, you will need to brush your dentures, but don’t use an abrasive toothpaste. You’ll also want to use a soft bristled brush. An abrasive toothpaste and hard bristled brush will cause the false teeth to become scratched. Once they are scratched, bacteria, food particles, and other residue will settle in the scratches. While they aren’t subject to decay, this will cause stains, causing the appearance of the dentures to dull.

In between daily brushings, you need to rinse your dentures off after every meal. In addition to brushing, you need a good denture cleaner. If you don’t have a denture cleaner, you can use a mild soap, but never use bleach. It’s best to use ultrasonic cleaners, which act as a bathtub for the dentures. Using a gentle wave motion, the dentures will be thoroughly cleaned, even hard to reach places. The effectiveness of the ultrasonic cleaners is highly recommended by the American Dental Association.

When you’re not wearing your dentures, they still require care. Dentures must be kept moist at all times or they can lose their shape. Therefore, if your false teeth aren’t in your mouth, the need to be kept in water or a cleaning solution. But, if your dentures contain any metal attachments, don’t use water. Instead, use a denture solution because water will tarnish the metal.

Your Dentist for Dentures in 75038

As your dentist for dentures in Irving, we want to see you protect your new smile with the proper care. In addition to home care, you need to visit our office for regular checkups and denture maintenance. Should we find a problem with your dentures, we will provide the necessary repairs and adjustments needed to ensure they continue to function, look, and feel their best.

If you’re in need of restorative dentistry in Irving, please contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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