Snoring Treatments for Better Sleep

We've all seen movies or TV shows that used snoring for comedic affect. Snoring can indeed be funny, but it can also be serious—serious enough, in some cases, to damage otherwise healthy relationships. What’s more, snoring is also a major symptom of a condition known as sleep apnea. As a common and underdiagnosed condition, sleep apnea involves breathing cessation and interrupted sleep. If left untreated, the condition can be fatal. Thankfully, though, Dr. Smith of 21st Century Dental can offer effective care to treat both sleep apnea and the snoring that accompanies it.

Effective Therapy for Irving and Las Colinas Area

In most cases, snoring is caused by obstruction from the tongue or the lower jaw. As air struggles to squeeze through, vibrations are created, causing the sound we associate with snoring. This is also what causes the breathing cessation associated with sleep apnea.

But snoring doesn't have to stand between you and your partner enjoying a full night of rest. At 21st Century Dental, Dr. Smith and his Irving dental team can provide you with a custom-made oral appliance. A specially made device from SomnoDent or another system will alleviate sleep apnea symptoms, like snoring, by repositioning the tongue and lower jaw to keep important airways open. What’s more, because your appliance will be made specifically for you, you can look forward to a comfortable, personal fit.

Start Your Snoring Treatment Today

Do you struggle with snoring? Have you seen cracks form in your relationship as a result? Call 21st Century Dental to reserve a consultation appointment with Dr. Smith. During your visit, we’ll complete a thorough oral exam and talk to you about how things are at home when you sleep. We can also collect any information we need to make a diagnosis. Then, when we know everything that we need, we can begin talking to you about your treatment options. When your completed device is ready, treatment is as simple as wearing your device as directed.

Don’t let snoring or sleep apnea keep you and your partner from getting the rest you both deserve.Contact us today. 21st Century Dental is located in Irving and serves patients from the entire Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.