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Dr. Roy, thanks so much for your email! Your practice has completely changed my views on going to the dentist and I am soo thankful I found y'all.

Your staff is so professional and I am certain, best in the industry! I will certainly continue to promote what a wonderful dental experience your office provides! :)

Best wishes to you both professionally & personally! Happy trails... -SP

The milk shake was an added plus to my visit, treatment and first expirence at 21st Dental. The process was excellent, the staff was fabulous and the Doctor made my need to come back an easy decision. A plus Thank you Newly satisfied client. - KJ

April Casanova was most helpful to me. Dr. Smith answered all of my questions. Seemed to me that both were exceptional at listening. The fact that I am responding to a survey reinforces that. It was a 100% positive experience. - L.H.

Dr.Roy And Associates:
I wanted to thank-you for the thorough dental care and consultation yesterday, and tell that lovely assistant I love her too. This is by far the finest technologically advanced dental facility I have ever seen, wow, I was amazed, and the personnel is just as awesome. I really do not feel I am worthy of such perfection, but I never felt that way at your office. Thanks, I would be glad to recommend your office to any of my friends or clientele - your office is a Phenom! - Thanks W.B.

I just wanted to send you a quick email and tell you thank you. Well, actually tell your staff thank you. Every time I am in there, they take the best care of me. That is why I have told so many of my friends about 21st Century and I will not go anywhere else from now on. Thank you once again for having such a great staff. - T.H.