Emergency Dentistry FAQs

What do I do if I have an emergency when the office is closed?

Dr. Smith or Dr. Roy will be on call when the office is closed. If you are a patient of record you should call the main office phone number. There will be directions on how to contact us. A doctor or staff member will return your call as soon as possible.

I have a temporary crown in my mouth, what happens if it comes off or breaks?

Unless it is a painful or cosmetic problem, there is no immediate concern. If it happens during business hours, we should be able to see you immediately. If after hours, we will let you be the judge, but generally, if it's OK with YOU to wait a few days, it's OK with US. However, we do not want a temporary to be off for greater than 2-3 days.

My child has had an accident and his/her tooth has been entirely knocked out. What do I do?

Try to place it between the cheek and gum (like a chaw, for you Texans) if the child will allow it. If not, place it in a glass of milk and, either way, see a dentist immediately. There is a much better chance of replacing the tooth if it is done within the first hour. Again, we can't stress immediately enough.