Repair Your Chipped Teeth with Dental Bonding 

Are you familiar with the term “bonding”? It’s a form of restorative dentistry that can permanently attach dental materials to your teeth by incorporating the use of dental adhesives and a curing light. It’s very possible that you’ve received some type of bonding treatment in the past but just never realized it before! A chipped or fractured tooth is something you don’t want to endure and it can pose dangers to your oral health. When you have 21st Century Dental on the job, you can do no wrong! Our composite bonding process repairs chipped or fractured teeth easily.

At our Irving, TX, we offer this and other restorative dentistry services to all of our patients in and around the area. Our team of dentists – Dr. Smith, Dr. Roy, Dr. Bristow, Dr. Bazan, and Dr. Sethi – are ready to help you achieve your dental goals through our restorative dentistry services. If you or a member of your family is in need of bonding or another one of our services, don’t hesitate to speak with our staff. We’re here to help you get a smile you can enjoy for years!

What Does the Cosmetic Bonding Process Consist Of?

Here’s how it all works:

These composite bonding restorations can give you a healthy smile for years to come, but maintaining great oral hygiene is important to help keep it from failing. Don’t practice bad dental habits during this time that could potentially damage any work that’s been completed.

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