Your Children are Welcome at 21st Century Dental!

"You guys are the best from the first person you meet to the last. Thank you for making it easy to bring a 2 and 4 year old to their first dentist visit." M.R. (Read more patient comments here)

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Dental Care for Your Child

The American Dental Association recommends having your child's first dental visit as soon as the first tooth comes through the gums, but at the latest before their first birthday. This would be called a "well baby checkup". Many parents do not understand that the primary (baby) teeth are as important as the permanent teeth. They hold space for the permanent teeth, and help them eat and speak.

Begin brushing your child's teeth with water as soon as they peek through the gums. In fact, it might help to brush the gums prior to the teeth erupting, as this gets them used to the toothbrush, and helps to toughen the gums for that impending eruption. If you feel you must use fluoride prior to the child's second birthday, be sure and let us know so that we can show you some techniques for making this safe.