October 26, 2005

In this issue: Blood Drive "Shout Out", Focus on Diabetes, Spotlight on Laurie

Results of our Blood Drive

In our office, we love sending e-mail "Shout Outs" to recognize each other for going above and beyond throughout the day.  This month, we want to send a big "shout out" to our wonderful patients and team members who donated blood at our drive for Hurricane Katrina victims.  Your donor participation is directly benefiting 51 lives and also pushed us to a $1000 monetary donation to the Salvation Army!  Thanks!  We selflessly stocked the Carter Blood Drive bus and laughed at each other’s pale faces (lovingly, of course).  We want to offer a public thanks to Cami Clawson, our Patient Care Coordinator, for working so hard to arrange the day and make it happen.  Special congratulations are in order to donor Carol A. for winning the Four Seasons getaway and spa package!  If you would like to donate to the Salvation Army or for more information, check out the Salvation Army.

Focus on Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common diseases in the United States. The number of people diagnosed with diabetes is expected to climb toward 300 million by the end of 2005.

As your dental healthcare provider, it is our duty to help those of you with diabetes keep the oral symptoms under control, but perhaps more importantly, we are sometimes the first to preliminarily diagnose diabetes in our patients. Common oral symptoms include periodontal disease, thrush, dry mouth, burning mouth syndrome, viral infections such as herpes, delayed wound healing and tooth decay.

If you have diabetes, or know someone who does, it is vital that excellent oral care is maintained so these symptoms are avoided or minimized. If you have any unexplained symptoms such as those listed, it might be wise to have a checkup at your physician to rule out this treatable disease.

Crowning Achievements