October 27, 2004

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Tom S., who was the winner of our last contest. Many of you correctly guessed that 20% of orthodontic patients are adults!  Does this mean that adults have straighter teeth? Not at all!

Want Straighter Teeth?

Many adults have seen their front teeth become crowded and overlapped over the years. Some have spaces that have always bothered them. Some of you have even had orthodontic work in your teens, only to see your teeth revert back to their original state. There is exciting new technology available for these cases, and it's practically invisible. That's why it's called Invisalign, and it is now offered in our office. Not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign, but if you would like to come in for a free consultation regarding your needs, we will be happy to discuss your unique situation.


Many of you have received our automatic appointment reminders from SmileReminders. We realize that many of you don't require both an e-mail AND a text message. We now have the ability to block one or the other if needed. If you would like to only receive one type of reminder, please contact the office at info@21stCenturyDental.com <mailto:info@21stCenturyDental.com> and we will make the requested change.

Photo-Brushing Contest

Can we tap into your imagination? Do you like to have fun? We are betting that you are creative thinkers, and we would like to give you a chance to express your imagination in an exciting and zany way, while also benefiting a worthwhile charity!

Here's the skinny.  First, it's time to get out the camera and get the creative juices flowing.  Next, we need you to send us an original and clever shot of yourself (or someone else) brushing your teeth! Now, this might seem a bit odd, but we must stress that we are not looking for boring, in-your-bathroom mirror shots. We want originality, pleasing scenery or anything that would cause us to say "Wow! Come look at this one, Laura!"

Brushing your teeth under the Arc de Triomphe? Using your Sonicare while running in the Boston Marathon? The ideas are endless, and we don't want to spoil anything you may be considering, so we will stop there.

We will take the 12 best shots and use them in our 2006 calendar, which will be sent to all of our patients, displayed on our web site and shown proudly in our office. You could be famous! The goal is for this to be an annual venture of shared fun between us and you, our inspired and beloved dental family.