Dental Lasers in the 21st Century

Here at 21st Century Dental in Irving Las Colinas, we have always embraced microdentistry, a conservative approach to the surgical and non-surgical treatments for oral maladies and diseases. We still utilize air abrasion dentistry, a unique non-drill way to remove decay from teeth without pain or anesthesia when the cavity has not advanced too far. If you were a candidate, many of you have already benefited from that technology and conservative philosophy.

Our dental perio laser is another cutting edge, hi-tech advancement in the world of general and cosmetic dentistry that now allows us to treat soft tissue disease or provide cosmetic or functional surgical intervention with greatly reduced and often almost non-existent post-operative pain or sensitivity (just ask my wife!). Our goal when we first purchased the Lares Nd:YAG laser was to be a hero in our community and 21st Century Dental practice by treating old problems in new ways! Could we get better results with less discomfort? We can!

Why did we first decide to add this technology to our Irving, Las Colinas practice? After years of research and watching the laser technology evolve and improve, we learned that we could provide many of the services we currently deliver in a better, faster, and more comfortable fashion. Where indicated, the Lares Nd:YAG laser allows us to deliver patient care in a way that few modalities can, and in a way we couldn’t before.

Areas of Use

We would like to thank Doctor Todd McCracken, DDS, MALD, for educational information and input used to compose this article derived from his lecture delivered at the AGD Annual Convention 2005. We would also like to thank Dr. John Flucke, technology editor and consultant for Dental Practice and Products for his mentorship in perio laser integration as well.