June 6, 2006

In this issue: Win an iPod!, Snoring, Milk Shake Bar, Spotlight on Cameron New Family Member

Win a Video iPod!

All you need to do is refer someone during the month of June, and your name will be entered into the drawing.

So why would a dentist be concerned about my snoring?

Glad you asked. Basically, there are 3 reasons:

How can we help? After a sleep study (we can help you there), if you do not have severe OSA, we could design an appropriate dental appliance that can improve your snoring and sleep apnea. Without going into much detail, you can visit this page on our web site to learn more. This might explain why we are having you fill out an Epworth Sleepiness Scale when you visit our office. We care about your overall health.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Belly Up!

Many of you have had the chance to experience our unique (that means no other dental office has it) Sports Milk Shake Bar. When you have anesthesia in our office, we do not want you chewing your tongue before the feeling returns, and your mouth might feel better with something cool going down, so we have 3 flavors of milk shake to choose from: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Cheers!

Crowning Achievement

Cameron Caywood, sweet, tender, kind, humorous, and all joy to work with.  Nothing has changed since the day we first met her...Cameron still has the upbeat personality that everyone wants to share life with.  When she's not harassing her patients with an impressive array of hygiene utensils, or prime time TV critiques, she fancies disturbing the peace with her infamous Karaoke skills.  A boating and skiing adventurer, Cameron finally learned to ski with the rope-attached skis after only 8 or 9 summers of trying.  All jokes aside, she's an excellent athlete and a quick study of most athletic adventures.  A dog lover, when she's not "prime time star-commanding" her dual tuner DVR, her numero uno affinity is for her wonderful and hard-working hubby, Tracy.    It's our honor to spotlight and lift up the one her Granny calls "Cammy"!