July 19, 2005

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Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Do you have a tooth that you tend to avoid when chewing? If you have looked closely in a mirror and can’t see anything wrong, and you are puzzled because your last checkup did not reveal any cavities, you may be dealing with what we call “cracked tooth syndrome.”

Cracked tooth syndrome (CTS) is a very common problem that affects teeth that have large fillings in them, although the syndrome can also occur in teeth with no fillings at all.

What symptoms should you be aware of? Pain upon release of biting pressure is the most likely, although simply biting down (especially when biting on grainy foods) in “just the right spot” can be the first sign. Temperature changes that create this “zinger” can also be something to watch for, as well as sweet sensitivity.

Treatment can vary from a simple bonded filling (if the crack is shallow enough) to a cusp-protected restoration like an onlay or crown (if the crack is deeper) to root canal treatment (if the nerve has been involved) to extraction (if the crack actually splits the tooth). Obviously, if you develop any of the symptoms described, the sooner you can have us check that tooth out, the more likely the treatment can remain conservative.

Crowning Achievements

 Our featured dynamic and top-notch personality to highlight this month is the one we affectionately call "The Sturgeonator".  Christy Sturgeon, our hygiene coordinator, bounds with energy and pizazz!  With us for the past 5 years and embodying a passion for clean teeth and a smooth running schedule, Christy coordinates all aspects regarding your periodontal therapy or preventive care (cleaning) appointments.  Mother to the Princess, 3 y.o. Katelyn, and the cerebral one, Dillan, whom all of his teachers just adore; she's very proud of those children!  Wife to David, the IT brains, hubby, and dad of the family, she has endless love and support to go around for everyone.

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