21st Century Dental Diversions

Dr. Roy presents Jennifer Hull with an iPad as winner of the 2010 March Madness contest

Irving dentist, Dr. Roy, awards patient with iPad

Sports Day October 2007

Kim & Lauri Dual Shower

Halloween 2008

Esther's Baby

Christy 10 years December 08

Christmas Party 08

Baileys 10 years

2007 Annual Olympics

Natalie and April are modeling our new patient safety glasses, with swagger!

21st Century Dental earns the Consumers Choice Award in Cosmetic Dentistry for 2008!

City of Garland, Mayor Ronald Jones presents award to Dr. Jeff Roy of 21st Century Dental

"Dr. Roy accepts the 2008 Consumer's Choice Award for 21st Century Dental!"

"Dr. Roy accepts the 2009 Consumer's Choice Award for 21st Century Dental!"


Our Patients Cash In!
1st Prize: 42" Plasma TV 2nd Prize: Wii 3rd Prize: $200 gift certificate

We do LVI Dr. Smith, April, Esther and Sabrina spend 4 days at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies learning some advanced techniques in restorative dentistry.

"Nothing is too good for our patients!"

Our own Dr. Ken White weds our Kristin

No, you weren't invited, but anyone getting married in Iceland doesn't desire onlookers. They tastefully evaded the paparazzi, but not the lens of this underdeveloped photographer.

Best wishes and Godspeed to the best looking couple 21st Century Dental has ever spawned!

Babe Ruth Day - 4/26/2007

Yes, it was only one day after National Penguin Day, but with these 2 unforgettable holidays, how could we leave one out? It's the Babe's birthday, and since he looked a bit like a penguin anyway, we thought it dovetailed nicely.

I know what you're thinking. "Good grief, they sure eat a lot of cookies and candy at 21st Century Dental". OK, so you caught us. Now you know why we have all of these holidays.

We can't wait for National Cookie Day!

National Penguin Day - 4/25/2007

In celebration of our black and white waddling neighbors from the north, we had a special day to honor these birds. Everyone wore black and white, we had penguin movies playing, penguin cookies for everyone, and had an ice floor laid by the Dallas Stars.

Well, maybe not the ice floor, but a good time was had by all.

March Madness

We had a month of competition among ourselves, and Natalie came out on top. These lovely ladies had a difficult time understanding March Madness was all about college basketball, but how can we complain about their enthusiasm for our Dallas Mavericks!

Funky Holiday #2 - National Oreo Cookie Day

The team wore black and white, and shunned all patients who didn't fall in line. Rather than handing out Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, as is our custom, we distributed these tasty wafers after patients had their teeth cleaned. It wasn't until 3:30 that our hygiene team figured out this routine needed some tweaking next year.

Here we see Laurie and Steph on their way to greet some patients.

Saying Goodbye to Kristin after 18 years

Las Vegas Seminars - Unlike any other

Mexico Missions

Dr. Smith and Esther pull teeth while the livestock graze