Precise Anesthetic Transport Means Better Care


Keeping you comfortable during your treatment is one of our top priorities. That's why we've invested in a new anesthetic delivery system called the Comfort Control Syringe. The CCS precision delivery technology allows us to provide you with a continuous, steady level of comfort, and its disposable cartridge sheaths mean a safe, sterile procedure.


Even the most carefully trained professional would find it tough to administer medication as accurately as the Comfort Control Syringe's pre-programmed system. That's why we like its special delivery: we simply determine ahead of time the particular amount of anesthetic you'll require, and let the system control the rate of delivery. This gives us the freedom to concentrate on carrying out your procedure, while still monitoring the rate and timing of each injection through a digital readout. 

One of the first offices anywhere to employ this new technology, we again show to what extent we are willing to go in order to make your dental experience worthy of exclamations at the water cooler. All in all, the new Comfort Control Syringe simply increases our confidence in giving you the care you deserve.