New Survey Reveals Americans Need To Polish Up Their Dental Habits

**Tooth Alert**
-- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 05/30/2002 --


Healthy Habits Get Brushed Aside. Americans need to brush up on oral health, according to the new Mentadent Smart Mouth Survey.* The national survey provides a snapshot of daily dental habits and reveals that most adults in this country need a refresher course on oral hygiene. According to the survey, two out of three (67%) adults do not know or do not practice proper brushing techniques - a habit that may be far riskier than they realize.


Minding Your Mouth. While many adults today admit to being blasé brushers, research suggests new important health reasons to join the ranks of the "orally obsessed" - those who brush and floss religiously, and actually look forward to going to the dentist.

Good brushing habits are not simply about preventing cavities, they may also be about preventing disease. Here's what Americans had to say about their knowledge, preferences and habits related to oral hygiene.

Freshen Up on the Facts


OPPORTUNITY: For an interview with registered dental hygienist, Beverly Whitford and b-roll footage of brushing and dental exams, please contact Courtney Maloney or Steve Bauer.

*Source: Impulse Research Corporation conducted the Mentadent Smart Mouth Survey of 2,500 men and women on behalf of Mentadent. The random sample closely matches the U.S. population demographics. The sampling error for this survey is +/-2% at the 95% level of confidence.