August 23, 2005

What’s New at 21st Century Dental?

Our Perio Laser!

Here at 21st Century Dental, we have always embraced a conservative approach to the surgical and non-surgical treatments for oral maladies and diseases. Adding to that philosophy, our new dental perio laser is another cutting edge, hi-tech advancement in the world of general and cosmetic dentistry that now allows us to treat soft tissue disease or provide cosmetic or functional surgical intervention with greatly reduced and often almost non-existent post-operative pain or sensitivity. It has proven to regenerate attachment and re-grow lost bone in periodontal diseases.

Why did we decide to add this technology? After years of research and watching the laser technology evolve and improve, we learned that we could provide many of the services we currently deliver in a better, faster, and more comfortable fashion. Where indicated, the Lares perio Nd:YAG laser allows us to deliver patient care in a way that few modalities can, and in a way we couldn't before.

Areas of Use:

To learn more about this amazing technology, you can read more details on this page of our website.

Healthy Heart Month at 21st Century Dental

In September we will be sponsoring a Healthy Heart Month here at the dental office! We will be organizing a blood drive, giving away prizes in a drawing for patients who participate and educating ourselves as well as our patients who are interested about the link between periodontal disease and a healthy heart. If you would like participate in the blood drive, please contact, she'll get back to you with the details!