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Q: Kent, I know of your reputation for teaching sleep and breathing disorders. I was planning to go to dr barry glass?? course later this yr. How does yours compare to his presentation? what can you tell me about your course and where you are giving it?

Dr. Smith: Barry is a good friend of mine, and we have talked about doing a joint course next year, as he has a different emphasis, and most who have been to both courses talk about how well they compliment each other. I have learned a lot from Barry, and he is a very passionate speaker…he is an actor, doing many stage performances every year.

My course is more of an A to Z course for someone with not much knowledge who wants to start treating Monday morning. Barry’s is more of the “art” of practicing sleep dentistry, although he does discuss the basics as well. You won’t be bored in his course, and be sure to say hello from me!

My courses are at my office, unless I am teaching at LVI, or unless I travel to teach to study clubs or other groups. I was in Pittsburgh last weekend, in Chicago a month before that, etc.. Anyway, the courses at my office are listed here.

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