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Q: I have a patient who I sent over for a sleep study at a sleep center. Came back with AHI of 0 but and RDI of 17. The center noted snoring and suspects UARS. My notes from your class are limited to your outline which states there is snoring and is supected that the snoring causes the RERAs. It would seem to me that the somnomed MAD might be of help. He is coming in tomorrow for a crown and I would like to know if a MAD is appropriate to treat his RERAs/UARS (it would seem to help his snoring but he is not
concerned with that, only his inability to sleep). Any info would be appreciated!!!

Dr. Smith: Yes, a MAD is great for UARS (upper airway resistance syndrome), and if it solves this, it will more than likely solve the snoring. I love UARS cases, because they are almost always slam dunks! (even though insurance won’t help them)

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