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Best Sleep Journals?

Q: If I want to stay up on current literature, what journal/source do you recommend?

Dr. Smith: I get asked this question often, and it isn’t easy to answer. The only ones for dentists are Dialogue (worthless) and Sleep & Breathing (compilation of research that’s fairly relevant). Sleep Review ( is the easiest to read and provides interesting insight and well-written articles. Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy ( is written for the diagnostic community, but has an interesting perspective from the tech field. The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine ( is more research, and is the official publication of the sleep MDs organization (AASM). Sleep ( is a combination project of the AASM and the Sleep Research Society, and has the best research, IMO.

That’s about it. You get most of these after joining various organizations, but I am unsure if you can get them separately. You asked which one I would pick, but it would have to be a tie between Sleep and Sleep Review. If you want to narrow your reading to what specifically applies to dentistry, I would have to say Sleep & Breathing.

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